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Let Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service be your trustworthy and reliable companion in the most convenient wheelchair-accessible transport. Its purpose is to give clients, people with mobility limitations, a safe, comfortable, and convenient means of transport, always guaranteeing that the transportation is secure and without any complications.


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Why choose our services?

Talking about comfort, accessibility and reliability of the transport our company – Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service – is among the best. Our dedicated service provides a travel partner wheelchair-assisted transportation service as we ensure that every ride is safe, comfortable, and customized to suit the needs of the client. Here is why you should hire Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service to be your preferred mode of transport.

Accessibility and Comfort

At Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service, we understand that people with mobility impairments rely on these services, and that is why we are always ready to help them. Most of our vehicles are specially built to have enough room and proper comfort for our Wheelchair lessees. Then there are the boarding and disembarking that come with ease because of the quality ramps and securement systems that are incorporated. Customer satisfaction is our great concern and we do everything to make your traveling comfortable.

Highly Trained and Compassionate Drivers

All our drivers are professionals and have adequate years of experience, and they are also trained to help anyone with a disability. They also know how to properly secure wheelchairs and attend to people who need help with this body part. For this reason, they are understanding and gentle with you and make you feel valued and comfortable during the process. Even for various issues including help in opening the doors for getting in or out of the vehicle or assistance with the luggage, the drivers are willing to assist.

Safety First

Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service values the safety of its clients; therefore, we have made adequate provision for your safety. We maintain strict safety measures to guarantee your safety when getting to your preferred destination. All our vehicles are well-checked to ensure they are in the best condition as per the set safety standards. Their security is well-established for the wheelchair and it makes you feel safe during your travel. We ensure the safety of the drivers and we train our drivers for different situations that may occur on the road to help in times of emergency if any.

Reliable and Punctual Service

This is why we appreciate the value of punctuality, such as medical appointments, or when one has other engagements such as business meetings or ceremonies. Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service is decidedly quick and always on time. The feature of the car booking system is that you can book a car in advance and have transport prepared to meet your needs. It is our pride to give you our time and we ensure that our services are efficient and consistent each time.

Flexible and Convenient Booking Options

It is easier and more convenient to hire our taxi since Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service is centered on offering transportation services to disabled persons. This means you can book your ride through our website using our contact number or through our application. Users can schedule a ride for any time of the day or you can request an immediate pick up from wherever you are. However, our customer support team is always ready with a solution to deal with any query or request from the clients.

Community-Centric Approach

Finally, since Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service operates locally, being socially responsible is very essential to the success of this business. From here we grasp the idea of our customer and how they want to be served in a frame of improving their quality. The organization focuses on the needs of the community nowadays, which implies that we are constantly searching for ways how to enhance and develop our offerings that will suit the passenger’s needs best. They are also invaluable in helping explore and achieve this goal.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Our view is that transport should be formed to be available for everybody with average income. Regarding the fees for using Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service, they are rather reasonable, and no additional or hidden charges are applied. Our rates on products and services are relatively standardized to allow our customers to get value for their money while at the same time availing themselves of quality service. Transportation that is wheelchair accessible should be made available to all the people in a society or region.


Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service is a trustworthy, secure, and sensitive means of transport for disabled people. This places us as a leading player in wheelchair transport with a focus on the aspects of access, safety, and customer needs. So use Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service and you will be able to receive safe and comfortable transport each time.


How It Works

Airport Transfer Services
Airport Transfer Services

Understanding Your Needs

Whether you need transport for a medical appointment or airport transfer, we tailor our services to meet your needs. Our friendly team is always ready to answer any queries you may have & guide you through our booking process.

Taxi Calling Services
Taxi Calling Services

Booking a Ride

Reach us via phone, email, or contact form below. Once we receive your booking, we assign a vehicle from our fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles. We operate on an open timing basis, offering flexibility to cater to our clients’ unique schedules.

Picking and Dropping
Picking and Dropping

Picking & Dropping

Our professionally trained drivers arrive at your location at the pre-scheduled time. They are experienced in handling mobility devices and assisting wheelchair users. Upon reaching your destination, our drivers will assist you in safely exiting the vehicle.

Best Wheelchair Transport Services
Best Wheelchair Transport Services

After Servicce

We value your feedback. After your ride, we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have about our wheelchair taxi service. Our goal is to continually improve and provide the best wheelchair transport services.

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