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Let Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service be your trustworthy and reliable companion in the most convenient wheelchair-accessible transport. Its purpose is to give clients, people with mobility limitations, a safe, comfortable, and convenient means of transport, always guaranteeing that the transportation is secure and without any complications.


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Who We Are

Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service was founded with a clear vision: thereby providing a dedicated transportation service that will target wheelchair users mainly. You will appreciate the fact that we are well aware of the fact that simplicity or ease of access as well as comfort is key hence we give you our word that the services we are to offer you are an embodiment of these values. In terms of staffing, our team consists of highly skilled and well-trained personnel who have the zeal to implement change in the lives of our clients. Our mission remains to ensure that people with disabilities can move about in their environments without hindrance, with pride, and with the helping hand of an attractive Horween production, where it is needed.

Our Services

Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service has been involved in providing all forms of transport solutions for the differently abled in society. We own a mobile fleet of highly maneuverable and comfortable persons with disabilities transport vehicles fitted with a ramp, safe tying down points, and comfortable interior space to cater to the needs of the patients. Our service covers round transportation from the patient’s home to the specified place, and vice-versa whether it is a doctor’s appointment, a social event, a shopping trip, a visit to a friend, or any other activity. Our drivers are acquainted with owning and operating WAVEs as well as learning about customers with different mobility impairments, and our drivers almost regularly refresh their knowledge about the means of safety and customer relations. Knowing that clients may require transportation at any time of the day, our services are readily available throughout the day to guarantee you a ready and consistent travel companion.

Our Commitment to Safety

In the first instance, the clients are always protected by Perth wheelchair taxi service since it is a necessity to do so. This is because to provide safety for our clients during their trips we strictly follow safety measures to the letter. As for our vehicles, we carry out tests and service them to ensure that we get to meet proper safety standards.

Also, our drivers adhere to the emergency response procedures and make sure that all the passengers are comfortable during the ride.

Why Choose Us?

We are very particular with the on-time pick-up and drop-off of clients at Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service to guarantee you our reliability and our structured service. Our vehicles are sectioned to provide maximum comfort and security for wheelchairs and anything that can be done to make the ride as comfortable as possible has been done. As to the customers, it is stated that their needs and satisfaction are always valued with the help of the dedicated team that guarantees a positive and fulfilling experience during the cooperation. This convinced us that every person should be able to easily access quality transportation services, therefore; all services are fairly priced and affordable and they are equally as quality and safe as those of higher prices.

Thank you for choosing Perth Wheelchair Taxi Service as your number-one choice for enjoyable wheelchair access to and from business, social, and other events! Secure ride, every time.


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